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We fermented Honey Bee Liquid

Recently, on a trip to the super mercado, we stumbled upon Honey Bee Liquid in the honey section.  Clearly not honey, we began to wonder what would happen if we fermented it into “not mead.” And so we did. Using EC-1118 we turned this sickly sweet fake honey into an even worse concoction. Laced with alcohol and still disgustingly cloying, the final product was not worth the $20+ we invested…

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Homemade Mayonnaise

Making homemade mayonnaise is super easy and the science is super interesting. Egg yolks and mustard contain emulsifying agents. Check out this Wikipedia article to learn more about what that means. For eggs, it has to do with the protein in the yolks. We decided to experiment with using duck eggs instead of chicken eggs because they have a higher fat and protein content than chicken eggs. Our experiment was…

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Brewing/ Mead/ Recipes

How to brew your first mead: A Simple Viking Blod clone recipe

As we’ve started putting mead how-to videos on YouTube, each installment has certainly fallen into the vein of “doin’ the most.” But for the beginner mazer (mead maker), getting into the world of homebrewing should be a fun, creative, and fascinating endeavor. Complex recipes might be too daunting — discouraging even. For this purpose, we set out to build a beginner mead recipe compiled from ingredients that can be found…

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Brewing/ Wine

Garbage Frozen Fruit Wine – Update!

Previously, we posted a video of our initial process making a “garbage wine”. By this, we mean a wine made from frozen fruit that would have, eventually, been dumped in the trash. Instead, we fermented it with some granulated sugar to make an easy-drinking, semi-sweet summer drink.  In this update video, we deploy our fining agents, stabilize, back-sweeten, and bottle it.  It is too early to have a good idea…

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Brewing/ Mead

What is mead? We explain Viking honey wine.

A lot of people have recently discovered mead – but it’s been around since ancient times (and before!). To help answer the question “what is mead?” we made this concise video about the “honey wine” that you can share with friends and family. If you enjoy this video consider subscribing to the Doin’ the Most YouTube channel! If you came here because you are a beginner brewer yourself, you might…

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Oyster Stout Mead Bochet Recipe

Have you ever heard of an oyster stout? How about an oyster stout mead? This brewing style appeared about a hundred years ago and has flowed in and out of favor ever since. Similar shellfish and fish bladder additions extend back through history. Rich, chocolatey malt and caramel flavors compliment the iodine brine of the oysters. For this recipe, we went down to the Asian supermarket, got some oysters, and…

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Garbage Frozen Fruit Wine “Recipe”

It’s that time of year.  The freezer is full of fruit.  You really did intend to start living that fruit smoothie life, but then… Starbucks and Poptarts got back in the way.  So now you’ve got chunked mango, Thanksgiving cranberries, and carrots? Are those shredded carrots?  You can’t eat it all.  Freezer burn is just on the horizon.  And the cell walls of all that fruit are completely obliterated so…

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Boozy Beverages

Coquito – Our Take on Puerto Rican Egg Nog

Coquito is a Puerto Rican take on eggnog. Due to shelf stability and availability, most coquito recipes use canned milk like evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk.  This recipe, adapted from our traditional eggnog recipe, uses fresh milk and powdered sugar instead. For the coconut components, we use two unsweetened canned ingredients: coconut cream and coconut milk. Unlike a typical eggnog recipe, this recipe uses no egg whites. The cinnamon extract can…

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