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SIMPLE BRAGGOT – Buckwheat honey and kveik ale yeast, The Wampus Cat

Say you want to brew a braggot but don’t know where to start – and say you don’t really want to buy much, if any, new equipment? Let’s do this! This home brew recipe will net you a malty, grain and honey forward braggot beer with perfect hops and an incredible dark amber hue. Homebrewing doesn’t have to be hard. This mead beer is the perfect introduction to braggot fermentation.…

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Magically Delicious Meadowfoam Milk Stout

This mead (braggot) made with meadowfoam honey just went into bottles. Expect a tasting video in a month or two! Thanks to /r/mead for the ideas. For this recipe we repurposed a milk stout kit and the Lucky Charms marshmallows we won as part of the #MarshmallowOnlyClub promotion. This was a very Doin’ the Most style experiment. Looking forward to the results!…

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How to brew a barleywine style bochet with stuff from your pantry

This is one of the early iterations of this recipe, where we used a cold steep for the grains. Current iterations use a hot mash, but this recipe is very smooth and well-balanced. BC loves a good barleywine, but they can be hard to find and relatively expensive. In developing this recipe, he set out to emulate those flavors with an ingredient he loves — honey! This is a mead/braggot…

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