Blueberry Melomel Mead – Fruity, floral, & creamy.

We concocted this recipe largely on-the-fly.  For years, BC knew he wanted to brew a strong, fruit-forward blueberry wine.  But when the idea of a floral and creamy mead entered his mind, this recipe came together. And thus, a blueberry melomel was crafted.

The recipe begins with cold-soaking the blueberries with pectic enzyme to break down their cell walls and release more color and tannin into the must.

Then we fermented the blueberries on a must of honey water, which is step-fed honey on each racking.  We then used a malolactic culture in concert with the red wine yeast to convert the malic acids into softer, smoother lactic acids. Think malbec. An extended aging on toasted oak will tie the whole blueberry melomel together.

Only try this if you can dare not touch it as it ages for two years in the darkest corner of your home. Also, check out how I feel about aging mead here!

Blueberry Melomel

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By BC Serves: 5 gallons
Prep Time: Weeks


  • 20 pounds Blueberries
  • 11.5 pounds Honey
  • 12oz Raisins
  • Pectic enzyme by package instructions
  • 1 Tbsp Acid blend
  • 1 Tbsp Powdered wine tannin
  • Premier Rouge red wine yeast
  • Malolactic fermentation culture
  • 8oz Medium toast oak



Cold soak mashed blueberries in a couple gallons of water with pectic enzyme for one week at between 33-40F.


After one week, bring to room temperature and add 7 pounds of honey, the raisins, acid blend, tannin, yeast, and MLF culture.


Allow to ferment dry. Rack onto another 2 pounds of honey.


Allow to ferment dry again. Rack onto another 2.5 pounds of honey.


Boil oak and add to the carboy.


Allow to ferment dry and bulk age for 1-2 years.


Rack into bottling bucket.


Bottle and enjoy.

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