Garbage Frozen Fruit Wine “Recipe”

It’s that time of year.  The freezer is full of fruit.  You really did intend to start living that fruit smoothie life, but then… Starbucks and Poptarts got back in the way.  So now you’ve got chunked mango, Thanksgiving cranberries, and carrots? Are those shredded carrots?  You can’t eat it all.  Freezer burn is just on the horizon.  And the cell walls of all that fruit are completely obliterated so it’s going to be mush as soon as it thaws.

What to do…

Ferment it and make fruit wine!

This recipe takes the world’s strongest champagne yeast, some granulated sugar, and some water — and turns that old gnarly fruit into a delicious summertime fruit wine perfect for sipping from reclaimed Coca-Cola bottles.

Grab your food grade bucket and get ready to create wintertime wine coolers that will be ready just in time for Independence Day indulgence. Although this post is about aging mead, it applies to wine too. Check it out and get hype for you summer libations!

Garbage Wine

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By BC Serves: 4 gallon yield
Prep Time: 30 minutes


  • Fruit from your freezer - preferably 3-5 pounds for every gallon of water you add
  • 8 pounds sugar
  • Water to six gallons
  • Campden tablets (potassium metabisulfite, 1 tablet per liquid gallon) for sanitizing the must prior to pitching yeast
  • Pectic enzyme (by manufacturer's instruction)
  • Yeast: EC-1118



Mix sugar with a couple gallons of water in the bottom of a fermentation bucket.


Add in fruits.


Top up with water to six gallons.


Pitch in crushed campden tablets (5 should do it).


Pitch in pectic enzyme.


Place lid on bucket, cover bung hole with a sanitized cloth.


In 24 hours, pitch dry yeast into the bucket.


Place lid on bucket, cover bung hole with a sanitized cloth.


Allow to ferment dry (about two weeks).


Place airlock on bung hole.


Two weeks after fermentation completes, rack to a sanitized carboy and keep under an airlock.


Allow to clarify. If intending backsweeten, chemically stabilize with campden tablets and potassium sorbate (by manufacturer's instruction). Once clear, rack and add sugar to taste.


Bottle immediately and allow to age another 4-6 months prior to drinking.

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