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How to make Traditional Irish Mead

This Irish-inspired take on mead is not green! Rather, it uses barley, heather tips, and elderflowers to create something truly unique and unusual. This is the first video in a series — we will also rack, fine, and bottle condition this mead.

Part Two Video:

Tasting Video:


How to make Traditional Irish Mead

Traditional Irish Mead made with barley, heather tips, and elderflowers.

  • Author: BC


  • 2# raw honey
  • 1/2# light LME
  • 2oz heather tips
  • 1/3 cup elderflowers
  • D47 yeast
  • 1oz dextrose at bottling for bottle-conditioning


  1. Split heather tips into thirds and elderflowers in halves
  2. Steep 1/3 of the heather tips in half gallon of 150-160F water for half an hour
  3. Strain mash and mix with LME, 1/3 of the heather tips and 1/2 of the elderflowers
  4. Boil one hour
  5. Chill over an ice bath to near room temperature
  6. Pour through a strainer into fermentation vessel over the remaining heather tips and elderflowers as well as the honey
  7. Top up with spring water to one gallon
  8. Ferment dry with D-47 yeast
  9. Allow to clear
  10. Mix in with 1oz of dextrose and bottle immediately

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