The US Government vs. Commercial Mead

Mead production in the USA is classed as the production of an “agricultural wine.” This means that cereal, grains, and molasses are not allowed in the production of commercial mead. Hops can only be used sparingly. And most traditional types of meads would be classed as malt beverages or “other than standard” wines. The mead category is a bizarre blend of wine and beer regulations, rather than its own category, which fundamentally limits what commercial meaderies can produce. And it’s not true to the important HISTORY of mead. Ken Schramm, author of Compleat Meadmaker has voiced his support for changes. And meaderies have slowly been piling on as well. But will anything change?

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Deep dive links

Groennfell’s experience:

The ridiculousness of the laws and how cider houses made change:

TTB releases FAQs:

The 2015 adjuncts debacle:

Mead defined in Title 27:

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