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SIMPLE BRAGGOT – Buckwheat honey and kveik ale yeast, The Wampus Cat

Say you want to brew a braggot but don’t know where to start – and say you don’t really want to buy much, if any, new equipment? Let’s do this! This home brew recipe will net you a malty, grain and honey forward braggot beer with perfect hops and an incredible dark amber hue. Homebrewing doesn’t have to be hard. This mead beer is the perfect introduction to braggot fermentation. And the buckwheat honey is the key to success. Using kveik farmhouse ale yeast is the next-level upgrade. This braggot is right around 22 IBUs. Brew with us!


The Wampus Cat

A simple buckwheat honey braggot

  • Author: BC


  • 4.5# wildflower honey
  • 1.5# buckwheat honey
  • 1# honey malt Mashed at 154 for an hour
  • 0.5 oz Centennial hops at 00:00
  • 1 oz Centennial hops at 45:00


In a one-hour boil using the mashed liquor from the honey malt, add 0.5 oz Centennial hops at 00:00 then 1 oz Centennial hops at 45:00. Blend with two gallons of cold water, add honeys, and pitch kveik yeast. Should be a five-gallon batch at yeast pitch. Top up if necessary to hit an OG of 1.042.


Kveik yeast is almost mandatory for this recipe!

Got a great braggot you brew? Hit us with that recipe in the comments. 👇

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