Our Intro Course to Home Brewing and Fermentation: So You Want to Brew!

It’s finally complete – our four-part series on how to brew at home! Are you a beginner home brewer? Like just-starting-out beginner? Do you have questions about what equipment to use to homebrew, or how to put it into bottles?┬áThis series will take you through equipment, microorganisms, fermentation, and bottling.

A lot of folks come to our YouTube channel or website looking for information on how to make wine or mead. Or maybe you want to brew up an ale. You’ve probably punched it in your search bar – “how to brew beer at home.” And while we put a lot of effort and thought into how to show the brewing process step-by-step, we could tell that more could be done to break everything down to the nuts and bolts. We really wanted to strive for an introductory course to fermentation.

Homebrewing is a blast – and incredibly rewarding. Fermentation can be rewarding, but it takes a little bit of investment in gear and a rudimentary understanding of the science behind it.

Sit back, relax, and spend 40 minutes learning the basics!

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