Date-Banana Gruit brewed in tea with Kveik Hornindal, our YouTube Viewers’ Choice wine

We asked, you voted, we brewed. Through a series of polls, our YouTube Community page decided that we would brew a date and banana wine, sparkling, in the style of a big beer. We figured y’all would vote for a mead, but here we are! Start-to-finish this was pitch-to-glass in under one month. Not too shabby! While it kept a small amount of haze, the flavor is out of this world. Using mugwort, elderflowers, sumac, juniper, and star anise we made a gruit – and herbal bittering and flavoring blend. Kveik yeast taken up to 104F really made this thing “doin’ the most.” But how did it TASTE?

What would you have done differently? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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