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How to brew a Pineapple Mead fruit bomb at 17% ABV with oak!

You voted and we brewed! This pineapple fruity mead is robust. Home brewed with a gallon of wildflower honey and all juice, this honey wine came out so bold! We oaked it and bottled it, all within the span of just three months. Buckle up, mazers, this one takes a sharp turn there in the middle. If you love making cider, wine, beer, or mead, you may find this homebrewing journey to be a thrill!


  • 12# honey
  • Twelve 46oz cans pineapple juice
  • 2 grams citric acid
  • 2 grams wine tannin
  • 4oz dark oak for aging one month
  • QA23 yeast – for maintaining and enhancing the fruitiness
  • +2# honey to backsweeten

Check out the video above for the how-to!

What tropical fruits are best to brew with? Let us know in the comments. 👇

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