LET’S TALK BALANCE: Tannin, acid, and sugars in mead and wine

Grab a bottle of wine, some glasses, and a few things from around the house and go on a journey with me. In this video, we’re taking the time to talk through the art of balance. What is balance in wine or mead? The core components are water, alcohol, sugar, acid, and tannin – but how does their interplay affect what your mouth and nose sense? Let’s do a simple experiment to amend a cheap commercial chardonnay to play with nuance in flavor, body, and aroma.

The Nature of Tannin

Balancing meads. The final frontier in perfection. But it ain’t easy. There are a lot of different ways to impart a tannic astringency, body, and balance to meads and wines (and ciders). Powdered tannins can be a great option – however, what makes one different or better than another? We decided to A/B test the two most popular powdered tannins for mead and see which we preferred. Check it out:

Got tips for balancing wine, mead, or even cider? Hit us with it in the comments. 👇

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