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ECTO COOLER 👻 Home Brew Recipe for Halloween! How to make Mead with orange and tangerine

Everyone who grew up in the 1990s remembers Ecto Cooler. Literally everyone, it’s an undisputed fact. But with it being discontinued, what are you supposed to serve at a Halloween party? We’re bringing this ghost of a drink back to life. With tangerine, orange, and loads of honey, this fermented home brewed honey wine does the trick – while reminding you of that classic refresher you loved as a kid. Ghostbusters fans unite.

Ecto Cooler Recipe (Home Brew)

In primary:

  • 6# honey
  • Water to 4.25 gallons
  • 8g Ferm-O at the beginning

After primary, rack and stabilize. Then add:

  • 5 cans orange juice concentrate
  • Juice from 3.5# tangerines or mandarins
  • 2# honey to backsweeten
  • Gelatin to compact the fluff

Rack when the lees and pulp compact at the bottom of the carboy. Color to Pantone 582C with the food dye of your choice and bottle.


Who ya gonna call? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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