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EASY Chili Pepper Mead recipe | Brew a fruity and spicy capsicumel honey wine | How to make mead!

Home brewing a capsicumel can be an intimidating concept – what if it is too spicy? What if you can’t taste the chile pepper flavor? Infusing a mead with chili flavor and capsaicin doesn’t have to be difficult. In this video we present an easy recipe for a very simple, fruity chili pepper mead that has bold, fruity flavors, a nice whiff of spice, and drinks smooth. We call this one “Pepper Zephyr” and we hope you enjoy this video on how to make mead at home! In some ways it is a melomel, in other ways it is a bilbemel, but in its heart, it is a capsicumel! Honey wine is a great brew for beginner homebrewers who like cider, wine, mead, and beer.


Pepper Zephyr – FIVE GALLONS

• 12 hot peppers twice soaked in alcohol to remove some capsaicin (or 2 Tbsp crushed red pepper if only looking for heat)
• ½ gallon pineapple juice (or 46oz can pineapple juice if that’s what you can find)
• 8.25# blueberry blossom honey
• 6 grams wine tannin
• QA23 yeast

In secondary:
• ½ gallon blueberry juice

After stabilizing:
• 2.5# honey (gravity of 1.010)


What’s your favorite chili pepper? Let us know in the comments (or on Discord)!

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