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Easy Summer Cider recipe | How to make simple hard cider with apple juice and lemons!

It is super easy to make homemade cider from grocery store ingredients. Check out our hard cider recipe in this video, or the recipe below which has substitution suggestions! Making hard cider at home is as easy as it is to make mead, wine, and beer at home. Well, probably easier than making beer. In this video tutorial we show you how to make a really simple summer cider for sipping on those hot days. Crisp, crushable, and delicious, this cider could not be more beginner-friendly for a first time home brewer. We’ll show you how to make hard cider, finish it, prime and bottle it, and do a tasting of the finished product. We hope you enjoy this cider making how-to for home brewing a delicious apple juice drink!

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Summer Cider Recipe
• 5 gallons apple juice OR 14 cans concentrate and water to 5 gallons
• 3 small lemons of juice
• 5 grams red wine tannin (can sub 8oz/gallon of STRONG black tea -or- 12oz black raisins)
• Ale yeast or D47

SG 1.046 / FG (pre-bottling) 1.000

• 1 cup erythritol
• priming sugar if bottling


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