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How to make a Session Mead | A crispy hydromel recipe made with fruity honey and a touch of sparkle

This session mead recipe is ALL about the honey. A good-tasting honey is critical to this mead’s success. At a low ABV riding just above 5%, this crisp, refreshing hydromel mead is perfect for summer sipping. Great either bottle condition or on draft. Why not home brew one right now? It can be ready in under a month if kegged. In this video we show you how to make mead, but unlike a traditional mead this is a light and crushable drink more akin to a honey-flavored lager or hard seltzer than a big, sturdy traditional mead. We’ve brewed this recipe dozens of times, and it is a trusted winner!


Crispy Hydromel Recipe

– 6# orange blossom honey
– 3 grams malic acid
– 1 gram citric acid
– 3 grams wine tannin
– D47 yeast

Ferment all the way dry, with front-loaded nutrition.

1# orange blossom honey to backsweeten (1.010-1.015, pasteurize or stabilize first, and keg) -or- 12oz erythritol (1.010, keg or bottle condition)

Target for CO2 is about 2.6 volumes. Use a priming calculator to be precise!


How do you like your session meads? Let us know in the comments (or on Discord)!

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