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How to make Dandelion Mead | Easy honey wine recipe with springtime flowers and citrus fruits

How do you make a dandelion wine or mead? That is the question that has plagued humankind since the discovery of the humble dandelion. Some of the recipes shown in this video are from the Great Depression and earlier. When we set out to make this dandelion home brew, we set a big goal: over two pounds of hand-plucked dandelion petals. And we exceeded it! This recipe is inspired by brews of yesteryear, but using some modern mead-making practices like TOSNA and the use of citrus zest rather than whole fruits. This video is a dandelion mead all-in-one DIY: dandelion mead recipe, dandelion mead finishing, and dandelion mead tasting. Thanks for the opportunity to show you how to make mead!

The zester: (link supports the channel)


Some of the recipes shown in this video:

Warne’s Model Housekeeper

Table Talk, Vol 29

Cassell’s Dictionary of Cookery


Dandelion Mead Recipe

• 2.5# dandelion petals
• 2 Lemons worth of zest
• 1 mandarin orange worth of zest
• 12oz raisins
• 9.5# orange blossom honey
• Five gallons water
• D47 Yeast

SG 1.061

Secondary, after stabilizing:
• 2g Citric acid
• 2# honey


Would you make dandelion mead or wine? Let us know in the comments (or on Discord)!

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