How to fix mold in wine, beer, or mead?

You probably landed here through a search engine. You went to check on your beer, wine, cider, or mead and found hairy clumps growing on top of it. They might be red, green, gray, or black. Is it mold? If so, it’s too late.

My wine has mold on top!

Dump it. Just dump it out.

How to fix a mold infection?

You can’t fix it. Mold can create mycotoxins that you cannot remove through racking, boiling, or likely even distilling. Your health and life are worth more than some home brew mead, cider, wine, or beer.

Are mycotoxins deadly?

Yes. Sometimes in short-term exposure, but more often the effects present after the longterm. Mycotoxins can build up inside your body and lead to inflammatory responses, cancers, and other health problems. Don’t risk it!

My friend said to scoop mold out of wine. Or stir it in

Your friend is wrong. Check out our video up top to learn how to identify and deal with infections!

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