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How to make Corn Cob Wine | Historically-based recipe – Start to finish

I’ve been wanting to make this wine my whole homebrewing life! Corn cob wine… sounds gross, doesn’t it? But corn cobs are full of flavor and even have a bit of fermentable sugars locked up inside. In this video we look at historical recipes and come up with a slightly modern spin on this Great Depression era classic. With the corn kernels removed from the cobs, some corn sugar and balancing added, we’ve got ourselves something quite refreshing! And of course, Lutra kveik!


  • 17# corn cobs
  • 8# corn sugar (up to 1.085)
  • Amylase enzyme
  • pectic enzyme
  • 3oz lemon juice
  • 6 grams wine tannin
  • Lutra kveik

Process video:

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