about doin' the mostDoin’ the Most

What do we mean when we say “doin’ the most”? It’s pretty simple. Any project we take on we try to take to the furthest possible end. This mostly happens in the kitchen, but not always. Whether we are melting down bee’s wax to make handcrafted candles or foraging for juniper berries to make mead we always try to do the most for every adventure. We hope you will enjoy joining us on this adventure as we explore new hobbies and generally do the most we can.


about doin' the most

Meet Anna

An avid researcher Anna loves to learn and will admit to going through phases rapidly. Whether it is making candles, quitting sugar, or knitting Anna will likely be exploring a new obsession every week. When she’s not reading Wikipedia she likes to binge TV, explore nature, and scold Sam.



about doin' the most

Meet BC

An adventurous eater, recipe rebel, and homebrew explorer BC loves to try new things and experimenting. If you find an exotic ingredient in our recipes it’s probably his doing. When he’s not playing in the kitchen he likes to play video games, criticize cinema, and snuggle Sam.



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