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Basic beginner tutorials

We’ve developed a series of brewing videos for people with the barest essentials of gear. Here’s how to make your first beer, wine, cider, or mead!

Trusted recipes

One thing we pride ourselves at is coming up with easy-to-execute homebrew recipes. Ready to make mead, beer, wine, or cider? Let’s go!

Fruit wines of the world

BC spent a year making wines from Jack Keller’s book. Follow along with these simple recipes that showcase the truest forms of fermented fruits and vegetables.


BC and Anna live in Oklahoma City. While the Doin’ the Most YouTube channel started out as a variety how-to channel chronicling our hobbies and experiments, eventually the algorithm decided we should be homebrewing only. So that’s where we landed! Putting out multiple videos a month, BC covers a wide range of topics relevant to making mead, beer, wine, and cider at home.

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