Our Beginner-friendly eBook on how to Make Mead

I’m BC from the YouTube Channel Doin’ the Most. As you may know, my homebrewing journey started in 2010 with country fruit wines, before becoming more focused on beers and meads. I’ve poured a lot of energy into highlighting my projects and recipes on YouTube, which turned into writing down a lot of notes about what a beginner may want to see in an eBook on mead making. Those notes turned into paragraphs and then to pages. I called on my friends Charlie and Justice to help bring some character to my writings with photos and doodles to match the spirit of the project. Suddenly, we had a whole 120-page book on our hands.

Come along with me as we dive into the world of mead with this comprehensive eBook – your guide to fermenting liquid gold from the comfort of your home!

Unveil the Science: Dive deep into the science behind modern mead making practices, as we demystify the process for beginners. From honey selection to fermentation magic, empower yourself with the knowledge to create great mead from grocery store ingredients.

Visual Guide to Mead Making: Say goodbye to confusion! Our eBook is your visual companion, featuring step-by-step visuals that turn novices into seasoned mead experts.

20 Tested & Trusted Recipes: Elevate your mead making game with our handpicked collection of 20 foolproof recipes. Whether you crave traditional elegance or daring flavors, we’ve got your taste buds covered.

Just finished reading your book. I’ve been homebrewing for the past 3 years now and I found it to be extremely informative and helpful for any level of homebrew experience. I love the recipes. ★★★★★

explosion_stove via Instagram

Loved your book!! The basics section is pretty exhaustive. ★★★★★

heavens.elix via Instagram

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You Can Make Mead! eBook
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Your illustrators deserve a quick pat on the back…. It’s soooooo pretty… ★★★★★

Theron via Discord

I really like that you are offering the book without any DRM (copy-protection) measurements! Insta-buy from me 🙂 ★★★★★

rizzek via Discord